First Lawyers of MOE

First Lawyers of MOE

By Linda McCaffrey, Minoo Khoorshed, Jerry Herlihy
Our guests talk about environmental cases they were involved in, many of which helped shape Ontario's environmental law.

Ontario's Ministry of the Environment established their legal branch in July, 1972. Linda McCaffrey was hired as a lawyer in October that year and worked with director, Neil Mulvaney, to establish the foundation of the branch. Shortly after, Minoo Khoorshed and Jerry Herlihy joined. In this story, they talked about how and why they became lawyers at the MOE, the cases they were involved in and their views of the legal branch today. As you listen to the story, you may not be familiar with some legal terms. Here are some references that may be able to help: Adjournment: Suspending a legal proceeding to a future time. Arbitration: A method of alternative dispute resolution in which the parties agree to submit their dispute to a neutral person or group for a decision. Civil liability: potential responsibility for payment of damages (as distinguished from criminal liability). Disclosure: The release of documents and other information about a person or entity. Due diligence: A legal defense against conviction or civil liability where the defendant establishes that it took all reasonable steps to prevent committing an offence or causing harm to other persons or their property. IEB: the Ontario Ministry of the Environment's Investigation and Enforcement Branch Motion: In litigation, a formal request to a court for a specific action. Opined: Held or expressed an opinion. Prosecution: The act of pursuing a criminal lawsuit against an offender, or, the party pursuing the criminal prosecution. Liability: A legally enforceable obligation.
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